ATF Wanda

ATF Wanda

Quality Wanda feed carefully curated to provide animals sustainable growth, health and enhanced output. Furthermore, the feed is designed to help producing healthy offsprings. Ultimately, all reducing the cost of production throughout.

How to use:

First three days give 25% ATF Wanda and 75% general feed.

Next three days give 50% ATF Wanda and 50% general feed.

Next three days give 75% ATF Wanda and 25% general feed.

After ten days, give 100% ATF Wanda and stop giving general feed.



Cattle: With every 3 kg milk give 1 kg ATF Wanda

Buffalo: With every 3 kg milk give 1 kg ATF Wanda

Calf: From birth till weaned give Free Choice to fullest

Ox: In order to make the animal fat, give  50% to 60% ATF Mix meat mixed in dry feed.



1. ATF Wanda surely helps in the enhancement of meat and milk production. It makes the milk condensed and increases the production of butter as well.

2. ATF Wanda increases the quality of animals.

3. ATF Calf Starter helps in better gut development of milk feeding calves

4. Animal is protected from bloating and nutritional diseases by using ATF Wanda

5. ATF Wanda improves the immune system of the animal

6. ATF Wanda improves the beauty and weight of the animal

7. ATF Wanda provides a complete balanced diet to the animals

8. ATF Wanda improves the animal reproduction tenure and protects from common diseases

9. ATF Wanda helps in healthy and hearty calf birth

10. ATF will also help in reducing the total cost of production of the farm


Important Guideline:

Give ATF Wanda 2 times a day. Give a high volume of water to the animals. After every 90 days give larvicide medicines to the animals. Do get the animals vaccinated regularly. Do not sink ATF Wanda in water. Give ATF Wanda with green fodder. Protect it from moisture and mouses.